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CompTIA A+ Practice Test & Exam Simulator Bundle 220-1101 & 220-1102

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The CertBlaster® A+ Bundle practice test suite will help you get ready for CompTIA’s A+ 220-1101 and 220-1102 exams. With close to 1,000 practice questions similar to the ones on the actual exam, this is an exceptionally comprehensive and complete practice test offering. All A+ question types are represented in the CertBlaster A+ suite of practice tests. The video provides a quick overview of the main aspects of CertBlaster for A+ preparation and training.
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What is Included in the CompTIA A+ (1101 & 1102) Exam Simulator?

Close to 1,000 A+ Practice test questions, answers, and explanations including performance-based and in-simulator questions (on this see Certification Magazine product review below)
Periodic updates: To keep the content up to date and in sync with the very latest question banks we do quarterly updates that are propagated to your CertBlaster live and in real-time.
8 Full A+ Exam Simulations Same number of questions and same timer as the actual exam – Like taking the exam in the comfort of your home!
9 Focus Drills Each Drill corresponds to one of the nine CompTIA Main Domains for these exams – So you can focus on the areas you need to work the most on.
3 User modes: Assessment, Study, and Certification
Your custom Personal Testing Plan (PTP) generated for each practice exam
Gives you an overall grade and grades per exam objective

procert-certifiedTwo-year license: Your license is for unlimited individual use and, although you can only have one session at a time, it is for multiple devices. You can use your CertBlaster at home, on your office machine, and even on the library equipment.


Don’t Need the Entire Bundle? Do You Just Want A+ 220-1101 or 220-1102?

“One big advantage of both Exams and Drills in CertBlaster is that they contain different question types to aid student learning. Besides multiple-choice questions, the Exams and Drills sections both contain Drag and Drop questions — this allows students to choose between several different options and their answers — and Simulation questions which ask students to perform a task. These question types (especially the Simulation questions) are an advantage to students because they are the exact type of simulation questions a student would see in CompTIA’s A+ certification exam.”

“I passed the first exam. Thank you to CertBlaster for the study materials. I’m studying now for the next exam and look forward to continuing to use the CertBlaster A+ bundle I purchased.”

Justin T.

Why Choose the CertBlaster A Plus Practice Test?

“I would recommend CertBlaster to anyone regardless of experience in the IT field. The A+ exam covers so much information it’s hard to know everything going into it but having spent hours using CertBlaster I felt very confident taking my exams. The simulations were very well done and informative, having questions and answers with explanations was a great way to study and catch up on new or old material. Customer service was great, very responsive, providing extra materials and helpful.”
Mike Miller, A+


More Reasons to Choose the A Plus Practice Test Bundle:

  • – Because we have an exceptionally comprehensive A+ practice test suite: Over 1,000 questions!
  • – Because you get 8 complete exam simulations plus 9 Domain Drills (one for each exam objective)…
  • – Because we cover the seven exam question types that CompTIA includes on the A Plus exam.

… and also because we offer you an exceptional First Try Guarantee of success at the A+ exam. Maybe the most important for your success is that our test engine is modeled after CompTIA – this ensures that you will be ready for the exam:


A+ Exam Objectives for 220-1101 – Core 1 and 220-1102 Core 2

The main objectives as defined by CompTIA for the A plus 220-1101 exam are Hardware, Networking, Mobile Devices, Hardware, and Network Troubleshooting. The exam tests your knowledge of installation, configuration, and maintenance of hardware. You are also expected to have basic networking knowledge as well as the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot hardware problems and/or malfunctions.

The main objectives as defined by CompTIA for the A plus 220-1102 exam are Windows Operating Systems, Other Operating Systems & Technologies, Security, Software Troubleshooting, and Operational Procedures. The exam tests your knowledge of installation, configuration, and migration path for Operating Systems. You are also expected to have basic knowledge of security and mobile device configuration and setup. The largest objective is troubleshooting. Here you are expected to understand troubleshooting methodology and best practices.

CertBlaster A+ Practice Test Performance Based Question Examples:

This question tests your ability to perform a custom workstation configuration based on a user’s particular needs. This question addresses A+ 220-1101 Exam Objective 3.4 “Given a scenario, select, install and configure storage devices”.

Screenshot of and A+ 220-1001 Performance Based Question for CompTIA Sub-Objective 3.4
A+ 220-1101 Performance Based Question CompTIA Sub-Objective 3.4

The question tests your ability to perform a custom hard drive installation and configuration based on predetermined specifications.

The below question tests your system requirements knowledge and addresses A+ 220-1102 Exam Objective 1.5 “Given a scenario, use Microsoft operating system features and tools”.

Screenshhot of a CertBlaster A+ 220-1002 Performance-based Question addressing exam objective 1.5.
A+ 220-1102 Performance-Based Question addressing exam objective 1.5.

This question tests your ability to troubleshoot using configuration settings in this Windows simulator.

A+ 220-902 Performance Based Question (PBQ) Windows Simulator
A+ 220-1102 Performance Based Question (PBQ) – Run commands in the Windows simulator.


CompTIA’s weighing of the main A+ domains

Domain Percentage of Exam 220-1101 – Core 1

Domain Percentage of Examination
1.0 Mobile Devices 14%
2.0 Networking 20%
3.0 Hardware 27%
4.0 Virtualization and Cloud Computing 12%
5.0 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting 27%
Total 100%

Domain Percentage of Exam 220-1102 – Core 2

Domain Percentage of Examination
1.0 Operating Systems 27%
2.0 Security 24%
3.0 Software Troubleshooting 26%
4.0 Operational Procedures 23%
Total 100%

Why should you care?

Because it reveals the approximate number of questions you will be facing on exam day. Knowing that the total number of questions is 90, you can deduce that Operating Systems will be about 24 questions (27% of 90), 21 Security questions etc.

About the A+ Certification Credential

With over 1,000,000 people already certified, the CompTIA A plus Exam is the most successful vendor-neutral entry-level IT professional exam ever developed. CompTIA A+ 220-1101, aka Core 1, focuses more on hardware knowledge, you will also need the software dominated part of the exam, A+ 220-1102 to be A+ certified. It covers the fundamentals of computer technology, installation, and configuration of PC’s, laptops and related hardware, and basic networking. It tests for the fundamentals of computer technology, networking, and security, as well as the communication skills and professionalism required of all entry-level IT professionals.

How Long Does CompTIA Certification Last?

CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ certifications will be valid for three years from the date the candidate is certified. After the three years renewal will be required although there are a few ways around this. Instead of recertifying, you can earn CEUs and some other certifications, would you take them, can alleviate the need to recertify, for more on this, go to CompTIA. A huge exception to this policy is candidates who were certified prior to January 1, 2011. If you did, you are certified for life!

Get your CertBlaster® A Plus Practice Test Immediately

Because CertBlaster® is 100% delivered online, you can access the practice test immediately from any Windows PC or Mac. There is no legacy software to download, no installation, and you always have the latest and greatest version of the tests as they are regularly updated and upgraded online.
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