Example of CompTIA Network+ practice test: Performance-Based Question

In this article, we will look at an example of a performance-based question found on our Network+ N10-006 practice test. The focus here will be on firewall controls and best practices.

The scenario this Performance Based Question puts you in is one where you need to verify that specific traffic is allowed to the machines that provide the required services. The exam objective/sub-objectives touched upon in this question are CompTIA Main Domain 3.0 Network Security and sub-objective 3.2 “Given a scenario, implement host or application security solutions”. Note that all questions that address a sub-objective starting with “Given a scenario…” are obviously good candidates for performance-based questions (there are 16 of those sub-objectives in Network+ N10-007). Take that into account when you study as it is a signal that the questions asked under those objectives will require a deeper understanding of the concepts and how to work them.

Take a close look at the question

The first key to success on the Network+ exam is to read the question very carefully. Don’t rush into it and don’t assume anything! Read it very carefully word by word and analyze what you are reading.

NOTE: This explanation is also available as a video on our YouTube Channel.

In the graphic, you can see two firewalls. One protecting the entire network, including the servers shown. The second firewall insulates the internal LAN.

Screenshot of a CertBlaster Network+ Practice Test Question
Screenshot of a CertBlaster Network+ Performance Based Question

As you examine the question you can see the Email Server is at We want to be sure that it is able to send and receive emails and stay updated. This requires the correct ports and protocols to be allowed on the firewall to this machine. The LAN requires email connectivity to the email server only.

To answer the question drag the appropriate rule to each firewall. We will allow all Email related traffic to the server using SMTP on port 25, POP3 on port 110, and IMAP on port 143.

Once that is accomplished we want our LAN clients to get their email through our server, taking advantage of the additional Spam, Anti-virus, and Malware filtering installed on the system.

Firewall 2 allows the same ports and protocols as Firewall 1 but this time directing the traffic to the server’s IP address.

When you are satisfied with your answer click the answer button to check your answer. Success! the question has been answered correctly! Along with the correctly answered question, there is an explanation of what rules you applied and what they accomplished.

Network+ Practice Test PBQ Answer
Network+ Practice Test Performance Based Question – Answer

This is just one of many examples of the question types and formats you could face at the Network+ exam.

Network+ Exam tips

First, see our “Ten Commandments of IT Cert Prep

When it comes to practice questions, straight-up memorization never helps as the questions won’t be exactly the same on the Exam. Plus if the Network+ exam was achievable through just rote memorization it would not amount to much in the marketplace. The exam needs to validate skills, competence, and depth of understanding because that’s what the employers are looking for. Not to mention, committing all the objectives to memory will probably take more time than it takes to get solidly grounded in the basics.

Spend the time necessary to learn as much as you can on subnetting, wireless technology, IP address classes, etc.

Know thy Ports (names, numbers, and function) and the OSI model!

A very important tip is to remain calm at the exam. Some chew chewing gum as it helps them to concentrate.

Before you go up for the test be sure to check out our free Certification Learning Resources page and our free Network+ practice questions. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel for videos about IT certification.

Good luck on your quest for Network+ certification!

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