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CertBlaster’s ExamNotes for CompTIA Exam 220-1001 (Core 1) are a series of articles covering each and every single CompTIA A+ 220-1001 Main Domain, Exam Sub-Objective, and below that level every single topic point in CompTIA’s published Exam Objectives for A+. Just to give you an idea: There are over 1,200 topic points in those objectives! You will have a lot of work going through this content and we are having a ton of work writing it. Here’s the good news, it’s all for free to you the A+ candidate. Now, because 1) we are not perfect, and 2) we are doing this for you we want you to do something in return: If you find a typo, error, or omission please give us feedback so we can correct it for all to benefit. And who knows? With your continued support and help maybe one day, our CompTIA A+ 1001 study guide will be perfect!

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CompTIA A+ Exam Objectives

Below are the main A+ Exam Objectives that make up our CompTIA A+ 1001 study guide. These are the highest level objectives and each is a link that will take you to another table of content where you will be able to click on all the Exam Sub-Objectives and get to the content you want to study.

Main Domain 1.0 Mobile Devices

Main Domain 2.0 Networking

Main Domain 3.0 Hardware

Main Domain 4.0 Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Main Domain 5.0 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

Here is a short intro to these exam objectives and the CertBlaster for A+ 220-1001 & 220-1002:

Good luck on your quest for A+ Certification!

12 thoughts on “Free CompTIA A+ 1001 Study Guide

  1. I am requesting the price of comprehensive comtia A+ 220-1001 and 220-1002 notes and or available videos.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Jaime! Yes, our text was not clear enough on that point so thank you for catching that and shareing. We have changed it to say:

      RG-59 (Radio Grade-59) coaxial cables were once heavily used in CATV installations. The construction is identical to the RG-6 except the RG-59 uses a thinner core. The RG numbering system uses decreasing numbers to represent the size of the cores, making the RG-6 considerably thicker than the RG-59. Both cable types use F-type terminators.

      That change is live now. You may have to refresh your cache to see it.

    2. Thanks, for the feedback Jaime! You are right and we made the correction. You can see it on the site but you may have to clear your cache.
      Thanks again, we appreciate it!

  2. Hi, Its possible to get possible questions on 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams on pdf?

    1. Hi Isaac, unfortunately not. We are not set up right now to where we have the ability to extract that text to a PDF. However, the only question type that would be available in a PDF would be the MCQ while one of the main benefits of CertBlaster is its ability to deliver interactive aka Performance Based Questions and that does require the software. Another benefit that would be lost is all the navigation features replicating the exam conditions and so the whole Exam Simulator side of things would be lost in a PDF.

  3. The link for “Main Domain 3.0 Hardware” doesn’t work. Can you please update? or just post 3.2 link please? Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Ally, all the links are now re-established and live. Sorry for the inconvinience.

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