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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I bought online and did not get my Activation Code


Our auto delivery system issues an email to you just as you confirm your payment. Within minutes of that an email will be on your machine. In the vast majority of cases it will be in your inbox. However, because our fulfillment email is an autoresponder some spam filters pick it up by error . The best place to look then is your junk folder. If you have any of below email services then keep reading.

For Gmail users: By default, CertBlaster emails may get into the Promotions tab in Gmail. So please check your Promotions tab for the Activation Code email.

For Yahoo!, Hotmail and AOL users: Yahoo!, Hotmail and AOL are using over engineered spam-blocking filters that can to stop you from receiving our emails as they are autoresponder emails. Please set up your spam filters to allow mail from the domain to make absolutely sure you get our emails.

Question: It worked once then I get “Invalid code” error. Why is this?


The two, by far, most common reasons for that error to show are that 1) you are not using the same email address as you used at initial registration, or 2) you are attempting to unlock a similar product but not the exact version/offer that your activation is for, see more detail below. You can also watch this one min. video about the registration process.

1) Because the system matches the activation code to the email you provide, it treats the combination of email and activation code as a logon. This means that each time you enter the activation code, you need to also the very same email address you used at initial registration.

2) If you for example have the A+ Certification Bundle (801 & 802) make sure to access only that A+ Bundle product (third in the menu list). If you try either of the individual A+ tests 220-801 or 220-802, then your Bundle code will throw an invalid code error. As far as the system is concerned there are three A+ products: A+ 220-801, A+ 220-802 and the Bundle. Eacah of these get a different activation code.

Question: I registered for CertBlaster once why do I have to do it again?


Typical reasons for this error are either private browsing (which deletes cookies) on your browser or you have some other setting that deletes cookies. To have the convenience of CertBlaster “remebering” your activation allow cookies on

In fewer cases it simply is that your version of Flash needs updating.

After you hit “Submit” on the registration page you need to click on one of the exams in the list and wait for the activation window to announce that your registration is successful.


Question: I bought the A+ Practice Tests but I get “Invalid code” when I try to register


In most cases this happens because you are trying to activate one of the individual A+ tests i.e. A+ 220-801 or A+ 220-802. Because you bought the bundle you need to select the “A+ Certification Bundle (801 & 802)”. Below are more detailed instructions.

Enter the requested registration information and click “Submit”. You will then see our CertBlaster Online menu. Scroll down till you find the folder called “A+ Certification Bundle”. Click the + next to that folder and you will see two subfolders. Click the + next to either “A+ 220-801” or “A+ 220-802” subfolders. Your voucher number for this product will only register the tests on these two subfolders. Once you do, you will see a second set of subfolders. Click the + next to the folder called “Exams”. Select one of the exams and you will receive a pop up notification that states that your activation has been successful.

Question: Do I need to save the CertBlaster Activation Code after my first activation?


Yes, just in case your machine or hard drive crashes, you delete your cookies or any other event that would prompt the loss of your cookie. Also, if you want to log on from other machines or devices, those would be treated as first activations and so require the Activation Code. Save it electronically but also print it and tuck it away just to know you have it no matter what happens to your electronics.

Question: Do I need to enter the CertBlaster Activation Code every time I logon?


No, CertBlaster puts a cookie on your machine upon first activation so that CertBlaster may “remember” you next time and let you right back in.

Question: Question: How do I know I have a CertBlaster Activation Code versus any other?


All CertBlaster activation codes are made up of 16 digits (no spaces) with the first two being alphabetic characters and the last 14 numbers.

Question: Question: Why do I get an “invalid code” when I enter the Activation code?


Answer: There are a few possible answers to this, here are the three most frequent ones in order of appearance:

1) You applied the Activation Code to the wrong product. Example of this? Picking A+ 220-801 instead of 220-802 or selecting one of these but wanting to activate the A+ Certfication bundle. CertBlaster has three products for A+:  A+ 220-801, A+ 220-802 and the A+ Certification bundle. Each of these are recognized by three different activation keys. If you bought the bundle but try to activate one of the individual A+ products the system will see a mismatch in key and throw the error message “invalid key”.
2) You applied an activation code from LabConnection, ExamConnection, IT_LabWorks or, gasp,  a competitor’s product!


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