Salary Survey 2019 for A+ Security+ Network+ Linux+ MCSE

CertBlaster® Salary Metastudy

In this article, the salaries of the jobs listed below are averaged over a sample of employees who have shared their salaries as public information. The total sample size is 57,702 individuals.

The sample sizes for each certification are:

  • 17,881 reported salaries for A+
  • 16,471 reported salaries for Network+
  • 23,350 reported salaries for Security+

In order to examine the expected salary of an IT certified worker in one of these categories, the salaries of the jobs related to the skillsets of these CompTIA categories, as well as cities and work experience are reported below.

Job Titles, Cities and Experience

The job titles below are not exhaustive but rather a short sample of actual titles held by professionals currently working in the field with the indicated certifications. In a similar way, the cities listed are just a small sample of cities with a large IT presence, and therefore have a high concentration of CompTIA IT jobs.

All the reported salaries are representative of individuals with experience in the IT field of less than a year, to over twenty years (any amount of experience). Although this doesn’t narrow down the expected salaries for each period of experience, the distribution is displayed in the pie charts below where inferences can be made as to the expected salary by years of experience based on the range of salaries.

A+ Certification: Avg. $59,000

Network+ Certification: Avg. $63,000

Security+ Certification: Avg. $72,000

Linux+ Certification: Avg. $70,000

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer: Avg. $92,000

All pay range numbers are based on experience levels ranging from less than a year to 20+ years. This is a very wide range which is reflected in the width of the pay ranges listed.

Source: PayScale Human Capital –

All the above data originates from the PayScale Human Capital website. Established in 2002 PayScale, Inc. aka is a corporation that provides salary, benefits and compensation information online.

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