Typical reasons for this error are either private browsing (which deletes cookies) on your browser or you have some other setting that deletes cookies. To have the convenience of CertBlaster “remebering” your activation allow cookies on www.certblaster.com.

In fewer cases it simply is that your version of Flash needs updating.

After you hit “Submit” on the registration page you need to click on one of the exams in the list and wait for the activation window to announce that your registration is successful.


4 thoughts on “I registered for CertBlaster once why do I have to do it again?

  1. Hi, based on what you are telling us it seems maybe below instructions would help:

    Go to http://www.certblaster.com/login. Enter the requested registration information and click “Submit”. You will then see our CertBlaster Online menu. Scroll down till you find the folder called “[Insert Product Here]”. Click the + next to that folder and you will see two subfolders. Click the + next to the folder called “Exams”. Select one of the exams and you will receive a pop up notification that states that your activation has been successful. Your product will not be considered registered until you receive that notification.

  2. You say that when you close the tab it takes you back to the registration page and then you have to register again. This happens because the cookies get deleted after your session. You either are set to private browsing or have another setting telling your system to delete cookies after each session. To avoid having to re-register CertBlaster you could allow cookies on certblaster.com only. If you do that you will have the convenience of CertBlaster “remebering” your activation while still having privacy on all other sites.

  3. Voucher number not valid, when attempted to register CCNA Lab Connection.

    1. Hi Louis, plaese contact support at support [at] certblaster [dot] com. You will get this issue resolved.

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