All CertBlaster activation codes are made up of 16 digits (no spaces) with the first two being alphabetic characters and the last 14 numbers.

4 thoughts on “Question: How do I know I have a CertBlaster Activation Code versus any other?

  1. Hi

    Whats my activation code?



    1. Hi Russell,

      We have been sending you emails but not being sure you are getting those, here is a copy of what we sent you:

      Thank you for trusting CertBlaster with your exam preparation needs.

      Here is you Activation Code: PS62118344688250 (you can just cut and paste it from your email, just make sure not to include any empty spaces before or after the code). Save this code somewhere safe because although you should only need it once, were you to lose your cookies or experience a crash you will be asked for the code again.

      This is where you register your copy:

  2. Hey! Quick question.
    I’m trying to login and study by it keeps saying my activation key is invalid. I’ve used it before so I don’t know what the problem is. I’ve tried retyping it and using a different email. I can’t figure it out. Any help?

    1. Hi Jerry, the system matches the activation code to the email address you provide and so treats the combination of email and activation code as your username and password for logon. This means that each time you enter the activation code, you need to also make absolutely sure you use the very same email address you used at first registration (if you had an inadvertent typo in your email address the system will be looking for that too). If you still have problems send your activation code to support [at] certblaster [dot] com and we’ll make sure to figure it out for you.

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