2 thoughts on “It worked once then I get “Invalid code” error. Why is this?

  1. I have purchaced the n10-006 network+ practice exam test and now I can’t log in anymore.
    It worked onc yesterday on another PC but today I can’t access anything.
    I checked my login info and all is good and I’m selecting the rigth bundle but it is not working!!

    I need this to work!
    My exam is this week and I paid my due!

    Please I need help!

    1. Do you get an “activation code invalid” message? The problem you may have is that if you do not today enter the email address you used yesterday then CertBlaster will not recognize your logon. CertBlaster considers the first email address you use your username and the activation code the password. Try again making sure you enter that email address you used yesterday with the activation code and let us know how it goes.

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