I passed the A+ 220-902 using the CertBlaster A+ practice test 2/3

By: Robert J. Miller, A+, Network+, Server+, MCP.

So what are some MUST know for A+ Exam 220-902?

The short and (official answer) is the CompTIA exam objectives which are available here. We recommend you download and/or print them. It’s a good first step in your preparation. These are invaluable because a question has to be in the objectives to be present on the test, period. Now, when you see a term listed it is incumbent on you to find out the context it is used in, is that resolution for monitors or printers? Then you want to find out as much as you can about the focus of your investigation; does it use drivers or protocols? If protocols, what ports are involved? You want to know what any given term does/represents, system resources it uses, interface types whatever the case. When you get a question in a self-test there will usually be an explanation along with the correct answer. Use that information, and if you feel you don’t fully get it, do a search on the term(s).

Some Specifics

Now let’s get into some specifics. First and foremost don’t show up to the exam (you will waste your exam fee) unless you know (as in having memorized) your: Command-line tools for each OS.

A fair amount of questions are based on you remembering Command-line tools, How to use them effectively, and what the various options are. Luckily by now, you should have the exam objectives (see above).

When it comes to the command line, this covers the Command Prompt in Windows and the Terminal in Linux and MAC. Hopefully, many of the commands will come naturally to you in, at least, one of the OSs, hopefully, more. The key here is to find out what you don’t know. Review each of the command lists. Write down any command you are not 100% clear on. Use the help or MAN pages to explore i.e. you know the RD command will clear an empty directory if it contained subdirectories it will fail. Read the help screen and see that adding the /s will solve the problem. In Linux a similar condition you would try rmdir. If folders are present read the MAN page and see that you’d need rd –rf to get this task done.

For the command line tools own the commands listed below:

Review the command list in 1.3 Given a scenario, apply appropriate Microsoft command line tools. AND under 2.0 “Other Operating Systems and Technologies” see 2.1 Basic Linux commands

Know which to use and when. Remember a command is like a sentence to a computer: Command (do what) target (to what) option (how). It’s that simple.

Also, Mobile technologies, problems, and security are heavily represented:

Review 4.3 Given a scenario, troubleshoot common mobile OS and application issues with appropriate tools.

Know Common symptoms and Tools:

Review 4.4 Given a scenario, troubleshoot common mobile OS and application security issues with appropriate tools.

Know Common symptoms and Tools

Build your Memorization Sheet

You want to try to remember the Control Panel tools listed in Objectives and their capabilities. Also the commands used to launch them. List any command you need to remember. Also common Startup problems and causes including

Now customize all of this to you

Above is an example. That is what I needed to work extra at remembering. Ultimately you are the best judge of your own strength and weaknesses when it comes to formatting and populating this kind of study sheet. Using the Exam objectives that the CertBlaster Personal Testing Plan lists based on how you do on the A+ practice test is a good place to start to look for what you need to spend extra time on. Also, don’t hesitate to print out the list of questions you answered wrong. You’ll find that in the next to last screen in the CertBlaster A+ practice test in either Assessment or Study Mode. This list will include the correct answers. If you do an exam in Assessment mode you are really testing yourself because you cannot see the answers or explanations. With this list, you can go back to the same exam, this time in Study Mode, and review the questions you got wrong and with the answers and explanations.

Performance-Based Question – Example of Windows Simulator

Example of Performance-based question in the CertBlaster A+ practice test for A+ exam 220-902. This question asks you to perform a task in a Windows 7 simulator. On the exam these are a bit awkward because 1) they are “closed path” meaning that most (but not only) the menu items you need work and a fair amount of dead clicks ensue, and 2) you never know when you are done as the software is unresponsive so you just click Submit (or Done) when you feel you are done. There is no feedback so if you are confident you just submit your answer, hope for the best, and go to the next one.

A+ 220-902 Performance Based Question (PBQ) Windows Simulator
A+ 220-902 Performance Based Question (PBQ) – Run commands in the Windows simulator.


FULL DISCLOSURE: I am an employee of dti Publishing Corp. and so work on a variety of its educational products. This means that although I believe my advice is sound it may apply differently to you depending on your background and experiences.

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