Network+ ExamNotes for CompTIA Exam N10-007

IMPORTANT NOTE: The ExamNotes for Network+ N10-007 are in development, so for the time being, you will not find all the exam sub-objectives fully completed. We are working as fast as we can to finish this content but felt there was no reason to, in the mean-time, withhold what is already written.

The ExamNotes for Network+, when completed, will offer you one article for each CompTIA Exam Main- and Sub-Objective. In book format, these articles would together represent a 150+ page book of highly concentrated and laser-focused test preparation material.

Please Contribute! To have this remain a free community resource, your help is needed! ExamNotes will not be “all it can be” without your watchful eyes. At the bottom of each post, there is a field labeled “Leave a Reply”. If you see a typo, a grammatical error or anything at all, no matter how insignificant looking, please let us know! All your fellow students will benefit if you do!

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Click the underlined red links to view the exam notes for the respective CompTIA Network+ exam N10-007 Main Domains (objectives):

Network+ Main Domain 1.0 Networking Concepts
Network+ Main Domain 2.0 Infrastructure (under development)
Network+ Main Domain 3.0 Network Operations (under development)
Network+ Main Domain 4.0 Network Security (under development)
Network+ Main Domain 5.0 Network Troubleshooting and Tools (under development)

CertBlaster and ExamNotes match

A great way to use these ExamNotes is in conjunction with our CertBlaster Network+ practice test. This is because, after each CertBlaster exam session, you will be presented with a custom Personal Testing Plan (PTP). It will list your areas of weakness by Network+ Sub-objective. You will then have the ability to go down your custom PTP and select the ExamNotes that pertain to you. You will now have a very efficient and enhanced exam preparation tool in your hands. Best of luck in your quest for Network+ certification!


The table below shows the CompTIA domains defining this exam and the relative weight of each at the Network+ exam.

Screenshot of the CompTIA Exam Objectives for Network+ N10-007
CompTIA Objectives for Network+ Exam N10-007


9 thoughts on “Network plus ExamNotes for Network Exam N10-007

  1. Hello
    BIg fan of you site used it to pass both Comptia A+exams.

    Just wondering when these exam notes will be completed as im currently doing it


    1. Hi Seb, thanks for the kind words and congratulations on succeeding at the A+! That exam requires a heck of a lot of work.
      The Network+ ExamNotes is a big project for us and we are hoping to finish it within about another 10 weeks. But because it’s such a big thing with over 1000 topic points (that’s “sub-sub-objective” level) it is difficult for us to estimate the timeline with precision.

  2. Hello!

    Huge fan of the notes. They are a great help.
    Was wondering if i could get an ETA on the rest of the N+ notes

    1. Thank you, Spencer! We are going to start releasing posts starting again next week. We are a little bit slower than we would like to because we are currently also developing the A+ 220-1001 and 220-1002. So the Network+ notes are sputtering along as we work both but will speed up again as soon as the new A+ CertBlaster is done.

  3. Hi, when will you have the notes up for Net+ for ALL objective areas?

  4. I have the book note by objective however I was hoping to get the exam note to complete my studies before the test. Got the first set back in June and still waiting for the other four domains.

    1. Hi Santos, we are currently finishing the ExamNotes for A+ 220-1001. We should be finished with that next week. After that, we will get back into Network+. We will post as we write but the whole effort should take us another 2 – 3 month before it is completed, edited, and published.

  5. When purchased how long do I have the certblaster .

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