Free CompTIA Network+ practice test question 4 for exam N10-006

Free Network+ practice test questions for exam N10-006. These questions are mainly to give you a sense of the level and kind of questions you can expect at the testing center. You will get an idea of deep CompTIA goes into each topic. However know that because these are simple web pages you will not experience the Performance Based Questions that also are part of the exam – those are only available in the full version of CertBlaster.


Sample question 4

You are planning to install fiber to connect several of your company’s buildings together and replace the WAN links. One of your colleagues in the IT department seems to think that Multimode fiber with a larger center core will give you better throughput in your runs between your buildings. Your building to building distances are between 200 and 250 meters and the data capacity you need is up to 10 Gbps. Taking into consideration the cost of installation, equipment and cable is he right? If you think he is wrong, choose “None of these are correct”. If you think he is right, which of the other alternatives would he choose?

  1. Single-mode fiber
  2. OM2 with a 50-micron cable and LED transmitters
  3. OM3 with a 50-micron cable
  4. OM4 with a 50-micron cable
  5. None of these are correct

Exam objective: 4.0 Troubleshooting

Sub-Objective: 4.5 – Troubleshoot and resolve common fiber cable issues. Click for the Network+ N10-006 objectives.

The correct answer(s) are listed at the very bottom of the page to give you a chance to think about it first.

Explanation: OM3 specifies an 850-nm laser-optimized 50-micron cable with an effective modal bandwidth (EMB) of 2000 MHz/km. It can support 10-Gbps and link distances up to 300 meters, so this is your solution and your coworker is right.

OM4 specifies a high-bandwidth 850-nm laser-optimized 50-micron cable an effective modal bandwidth of 4700 MHz/km. It can support 10-Gbps link distances of 400 meters. 100-Gbps distances are 100 meters and 150 meters, respectively. Both rival single-mode fiber in performance while being significantly less expensive to implement. Single-mode cable provides 50 times more distance than multimode cable does. Consequently, single-mode cable is typically used in high-bandwidth applications and in long-haul network connections spread out over extended areas, including cable television and campus backbone applications. Telecommunications companies (telco) use it for connections between switching offices. Single-mode cable also provides higher bandwidth, so you can use a pair of single-mode fiber strands full-duplex at more than twice the throughput of multimode fiber.

Full featured Network+ practice tests with performance based questions

Our full featured CertBlaster Network+ practice test contains five exam simulations with 90 questions in each (this is the number of questions you will be facing for Network+ at the exam center). CertBlaster also offers five Focus Drills, one for each of the five learning domains that CompTIA has defined for this exam. These Focus Drills will enable you to focus your practice on the areas you need the most work on.


The correct answer is: 3) OM3 with a 50-micron cable.

Example of a Performance Based Question (PBQ) in the CertBlaster Test Engine for Network+

example of a CertBlaster Network+ Practice Test
Screenshot of a CertBlaster Network+ Practice Test – Performance Based Question

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