Free CompTIA A plus practice test question 5 for A plus 220-902 Software Exam

Free CompTIA A+ practice test question 5 for A+ 220-902 Software Exam

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Question 5/10

You are called in because a user is complaining about his device “acting up”. After a quick look at it you determine the cause of the problem to be malware. Which of the following can be symptoms of the presence of malware and/or spyware on a device?

A) Weak signal
B) Battery drain
C) Weird text messages
D) Unauthorized location tracking
E) All of these apply

Correct answer: You will find the answer at the very bottom of this page, just to give you a chance to think about it first 🙂

Weak signals will occur if malware is interfering with your conversations or is operating in the background taking up processing power. Battery power draining faster than normal can be a symptom of unauthorized apps running in the background. Weird text messages can result from a C&C server sending coded text messages to your phone. Spyware apps on mobile devices can potentially report its location to a C&C server.

A+ 220-902 Sub-objective: 4.0 Sofware Troublshooting

A+ 220-902 Sub-objective: 4.4 Given a scenario, troubleshoot common mobile OS and application security issues with appropriate tools

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Correct answer: All of these apply (see the Explanation above for more details on why this is the correct answer).

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