Free CompTIA A plus practice test question 4 for A plus 220-901 Hardware Exam

Free CompTIA A+ practice test question 4 for A+ 220-901 Hardware Exam


Question 4

You have been called in to help a user who has a monitor problem. She says that her images are stretched weirdly and that it causes the proportionality of the image to be off. What is the MOST probable cause of this condition?

The calibrate color setting is off
The resolution is set incorrectly for this monitor
The monitor has dead pixels
Your browser zoom is set incorrectly

The correct answer is given at the very bottom of the page – this will give you a chance to think about it…

A+ 220-901 Hardware Exam Objectives

Main Domain: 4.0 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

Sub-Objective: 4.3 – “Given a scenario, troubleshoot common video, projector and display issues”


LCD monitors will not experience distorted geometry if the resolution is set to the native resolution. So, if a monitor shows distorted geometry where images are stretched inappropriately as in not proportionally, adjust the resolution. Also, a low resolution can cause oversized images or icons. To adjust screen resolution, click Change display settings in the Display window. If adjusting the resolution doesn’t correct oversized images or icons, try updating the video drivers.

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The correct answer/best choice is: The resolution is set incorrectly for this monitor

Screenshot of a Performance Based Question in the CertBlaster A+ 220-901 Test Engine:

A+ 220-901 PBQ Motherboard
A+ 220-901 Performance Based Question (PBQ) – Custom workstation assembly.

6 thoughts on “Free CompTIA A plus practice test question 4 for A plus 220-901 Hardware Exam

    1. The correct answer is “The resolution is set incorrectly for this monitor” as you can see in the prior answer we just posted.

    1. Yes Daniel, it’s option two “The resolution is set incorrectly for this monitor”. Thanks for catching this as the ansewer at the bottom of the page said “too low”. We just changed it. mAgain, thanks for your feedback!

    1. Hi Spike and thanks for your comment. You are right in your scenario there could be a part of the image lost. However, and here is where we can see how a very careful reading of each question at the exam is critical: The symptome to fix is distorted geometry not loss of part the image. As one of our A+ certified authors puts it:
      “Zooming will not change the geometry. Incorrect resolution can give too wide a number of pixels proportionately relative too height or width. The resolution can change the proportion and cause stretch or skew. Zooming maintains proportion, respects height/width of objects. So the conclusion is that either condition is capable of creating oversized objects, but only resolution is capable of changing height/width and so distort geometry.”

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