Free CompTIA A plus practice test question 3 for A plus 220-902 Software Exam

Free CompTIA A+ practice test question 3 for A+ 220-902 Software Exam

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Question 3

Which type of password attack tries every possible combination of letters and number until the password is guessed?

  1. Dictionary
  2. Brute force
  3. Rainbow table
  4. Pattern

Correct Answer: You will find the correct answer at the very bottom of this page or in the explanation below.

A+ 220-902 Main Domain: 3.0 Security

A+ 220-902 Sub-Objective: 3.1 – Identify common security threats and vulnerabilities


Brute-force attacks are carried out passwords with the help of software that tries all different character combinations really fast. The algorithm used is not all that sophisticated as it has to do something computers are very good at doing: A lot of trial and error of character combinations till the correct one is found. For now obvious reasons this type of attacks are also known as “exhaustive search”. With the performance available in today’s computers this type of attack is generally successful. This is where the number of characters you have in your password is so important, the last few characters exponentially increases the numbers of combinations possible and therefore are much harder to break. The shorter the password the faster the brute force attack succeeds.

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Correct Answer: 2) Brute Force

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