Free CompTIA A plus practice test question 3 for A plus 220-901 Hardware Exam

Free CompTIA A+ practice test question 3 for A+ 220-901 Hardware Exam


Question 3

There are several alternatives available to satisfy the built-in mass storage needs of computers. Which of the following are current hard drive technologies? (Choose three.)

Magnetic drive
Tape drive
Hybrid drive
Solid State Drive
Floppy disk
Digital versatile disc

The correct answer is given at the very bottom of the page – this will give you a chance to think about it.

A+ 220-901 Hardware Exam Objectives

Main Domain: 1.0 Hardware

Sub-Objective: 1.5 – “Install and configure storage devices and use appropriate media.”


On today’s computers, a hard drive can be either of the three following: a magnetic drive, a solid state drive, or a hybrid drive. Magnetic drives are still the a commonly encountered technology but they have mostly been overtaken by Solid State Drives (SSD). Mainly the complaint with magnetic drives is that they are noisy, unreliable, and potentially slow. As files are physically written on a magnetic hard drive in fragmented bits and pieces (the entire file is distributed over different parts of the drive), low performance and sluggish access speeds will be the outcome. If the magnetic drive becomes over-filled with data (and this can happen anywhere north of 85% capacity) this may cause a fatal crash and the drive and data can be lost.

A solid state drive contains flash memory and is more expensive, faster, more reliable, and uses less power than a magnetic drive. Access speeds feel lightning fast (no actuator arms have to “look around” for the files) and the chances of a fatal crash due to actuator arms scratching the disks is eliminated with this technology. A hybrid hard drive (HHD) also known as a solid-state hybrid drive (SSHD), uses both technologies. The flash component (otherwise used by the SSD) serves as a buffer to the physical search by actuator arms on the magnetic disk. Some hybrid drives offer performance at level with the SSD drives. However, because magnetic disks still have to be read, the reliability issues cited above remain on the hybrid hard drive solution.
The tape drive by definition is not a “hard” drive solution. The floppy disk technology is so outdated it’s not even part of the 220-901 exam objectives. Finally the digital versatile disc is a DVD and so not a built-in mass memory solution.


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The correct answer is: Magnetic drive, Solid State Drive, and Hybrid drive.

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