Free CompTIA A plus practice test question 1 for A plus 220-902 Software Exam

Free CompTIA A+ practice test question 1 for A+ 220-902 Software Exam


To produce an automated power off to a Linux system in 20 minutes time, which of the following commands would you use?

A) sudo shut down –h 20
B) sudo power off –h 20
C) sudo poweroff –h 20
D) sudo shutdown –r 20
E) sudo shutdown –h 20

Correct answer: You will find the correct answer at the very bottom of the page. We wanted to give you a chance to think it over first 🙂

A+ 220-902 Main Domain: 2.0 – “Other Operating Systems and Technologies”
A+ 220-902 Sub-objective: 2.1 – “Identify common features and functionality of the Mac OS and Linux operating systems.”

The structure of the shutdown command (provided you have all required rights, that’s where the “sudo” comes in) is as follows: shutdown -h time “message”. –h is for halt as in stop. The time is expressed in minutes hence 20. If you want an immediate shutdown then replace 20 with “now”. You can add a message by typing it in quotation marks. For example, if you wanted to warn all users of the imminent shutdown, you could add text to the command as follows:  sudo shutdown –h 20 “Log off now, the system is shutting down in 20 min”. The sudo shutdown –r 20 is for a reboot in 20 min, you can see that the h for halt has been substituted by an r for reboot.

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Correct answer: sudo shutdown –h 20

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    1. Hi Ankur, this course will be available to you until September of 2019. That is as long as CompTIA will keep the A+ 220-902 exam available in the testing centers. Best of luck on your quest for certification!

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