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Free A+ practice test 220-1002 – Core 2

This is a free A+ practice test 220-1002 also known as A+ Core 2. The A+ Core 2 exam contains four Main Domains covering mostly hardware and networking content. Click the link for the complete A+ 220-1002 exam objectives. Below free A+ practice test questions reflect these new A+ 220-1001 exam objectives. Click here if you want more information about the differences between A+ 220/901 & 902 vs. A+  220-1001 & 1002.

The free A+ Study Guide: A+ ExamNotes!

Our A+ ExamNotes is a free A+ Study guide for exams 220-1001 and 220-1002 that covers every A+ 1001 & 1002 exam objective as well as every single A+ sub-objectives as defined by CompTIA.

Question 1

Which operating system will be installed on your new Chromebook by default?


Google OS

Chrome OS

Windows 10

Answer & Explanation: The Chromebook will come installed with Google’s Chrome OS by default. The Chrome OS is based on the Linux kernel. The open-source, development version of Chrome OS is called Chromium OS. The macOS can be installed later, as can Windows 10. At the time of this writing, Google OS is rumored to be in development but is not available. Answer: Chrome OS.

Main Domain 1.0 – Operational Procedures

Sub-Objective 1.1 – Compare and contrast common operating system types and their purposes.

Question 2

A user complains that they can’t launch Hyper-V from home. The user cannot even find the program settings. However, the user can access the Internet. In order to help this user, which question would you ask first?

Can you access the company website?

Can you ping the server?

Which Edition of Windows is installed?

What error message is being displayed?

Answer & Explanation: Since the user can access the Internet, there is no need to ask the user if he or she can access the company website access or ping the server. Since there is no error message, this would indicate that the user is using a Windows Edition that does not support Hyper-V. Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Education Editions support Hyper-V. Windows 10 Home Edition does not. Answer: Which Edition of Windows is installed?

Main Domain 1.0 – Operational Procedures

Sub-Objective 1.2 – Compare and contrast features of Microsoft Windows versions.

Question 3

When upgrading a system from Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (SP1) to Windows 10, which Windows 10 Edition is recommended?


Home Premium


Any edition that the hardware supports

Answer & Explanation: Windows 10 Home Edition is the recommended upgrade from Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, and Home Premium editions. Windows 10 Professional Edition is the recommended upgrade for Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate Editions. Answer: Home.

Main Domain 1.0 – Operational Procedures

Sub-Objective 1.2 – Compare and contrast features of Microsoft Windows versions.

Question 4

By default, which type of script file will a script written with Windows 10 PowerShell ISE be saved as?





Answer & Explanation: PowerShell ISE most commonly saves scripts in *.ps1, *. psm1, and *.psd1 formats. Windows batch files created at the Command Prompt are saved in the .bat extension and are used to run commands. Linux bash scripts are saved in the .sh extension and are also used to run commands, similar to .bat files. Python scripts are saved in the .py extension. Answer: .ps1

Main Domain 4.0 – Operational Procedures

Sub-Objective 4.8 – Identify the basics of scripting.

Question 5

When configuring email you must enter: (Choose all that apply)





Account Name


Answer & Explanation: Email configuration requires setting the SMTP server name, the POP3 server name, and the account name. The password can be left to be entered each time you log in to get email. Remember that optionally, you can enter the password during configuration and check off to have it saved. Answers: SMTP, POP3, and Account Name.

Main Domain 2.0 – Security

Sub-Objective 2.5 – Compare and contrast social engineering, threats, and vulnerabilities.

Question 6

Which of the following can provide some protection for your network from outside invaders? (Choose all that apply)


Class 3 modems

Class 2 modems

Packet-Filtering Routers

Hidden Files

Proxy Servers

Answer & Explanation: A firewall can greatly improve network security and reduce risks to hosts on the subnet by filtering inherently insecure services. As a result, the subnet network environment is exposed to fewer risks, since only selected protocols will be able to pass through the firewall. A firewall also provides the ability to control access to site systems. For example, some hosts can be made reachable from outside networks, whereas others can be effectively sealed off from unwanted access.  Privacy is of great concern to certain sites, since what would normally be considered innocuous information might actually contain clues that would be useful to an attacker. Using a firewall, some sites wish to block services such as finger and Domain Name Service.  If all access to and from the Internet passes through a firewall, the firewall can log accesses and provide valuable statistics about network usage. A firewall, with appropriate alarms that sound when suspicious activity occurs, can also provide details on whether the firewall and network are being probed or attacked. Answers: Firewalls, Packet-Filtering Routers, and Proxy Servers.

Main Domain 2.0 – Security

Sub-Objective 2.7 – Given a scenario, implement security best practices to secure a workstation.

Question 7

You have lost your iPhone. Fortunately, you have enabled the Find My iPhone feature. You log on to your account, access the map, but do not see the device. Fearing a breach of your privacy, which would best protect the data?

Send message

Remote lock

Remote wipe

Remote access

Answer & Explanation: The best choice to protect your data in this example is remote wipe. If the device is recovered, it can be restored from backup. Answer: Remote wipe.

Main Domain 2.0 – Security

Sub-Objective 2.8 – Given a scenario, implement methods for securing mobile devices.

Question 8

You are using the Performance Monitor on a Windows 7 Professional workstation and make note of the following counters: Memory: Pages/sec  80; Processor: %utilization  90; Physical disk: % disk time  85. Which of the following solutions would overcome the bottleneck indicated by these results?

Add a SCSI hard disk drive.

Upgrade to a faster processor.

Add a second CPU


Answer & Explanation: These measurements from Performance Monitor are indicating overuse of virtual memory. Note the heavy paging per second, hard drive usage, and the CPU usage. Adding RAM is the right solution. Answer: Add RAM.

Main Domain 3.0 – Software Troubleshooting

Sub-Objective 3.1 – Given a scenario, troubleshoot Microsoft Windows OS problems.

Question 9

A Windows 7 Professional computer is having boot problems. You investigate and decide that the problem may be related to a process being initiated by Internet Explorer. Which one of the following Advanced Options would you choose to correct the problem?

Safe Mode with Networking.

Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Safe Mode.

Enable Boot Logging.

Answer & Explanation: Remember, Safe Mode prevents startup files and most of the drivers from loading. This simplification of the system can give you the chance to troubleshoot and detect needed fixes. Safe Mode with networking will permit internet access. Answer: Safe Mode with Networking.

Main Domain 3.0 – Software Troubleshooting

Sub-Objective 3.1 – Given a scenario, troubleshoot Microsoft Windows OS problems.

Question 10

Which device should not be plugged into a UPS?

A monitor

A laser printer

A scanner

A modem

Answer & Explanation: UPS devices contain batteries with enough power to run your PC for a few minutes so you can shut it down safely. They are not equipped to handle the power requirements of a laser printer or other high voltage devices, which will exhaust their charge very quickly. Answer: A laser printer

Main Domain 4.0 – Explain environmental impacts and appropriate controls.

Sub-Objective 4.5 – Identify the basics of scripting.

This completes our free practice test for A+ exam 220-1002!

The first step in preparing for the A+ 220-1002 Core 2 exam is to familiarize yourself with the exam objectives. Click the link for the complete A+ 220-1002 exam objectives.

three images of common biometrics security
Biometrics falls under A+ 220-1002 Exam sub-objective 2.1 “Summarize the importance of physical security measures.”
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