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Free A+ practice test 220-1001 – Core 1

This is a free A+ practice test 220-1001 also known as Core 1. The A+ Core 1 exam contains five Main Domains covering mostly hardware and networking content. Click the link for the complete A+ 220-1001 exam objectives. Below free A+ practice test questions reflect these new A+ 220-1001 exam objectives. Click here if you want more information about the differences between A+ 220/901 & 902 vs. A+  220-1001 & 1002.

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Question 1

You are more comfortable working on your laptop as opposed to your 4G tablet. Your laptop is Wi-Fi capable. What would you add to your laptop to allow you to stay connected while traveling?


Wi-Fi extender

Cellular card


Explanation: Adding a cellular card to your laptop would enable you to use the cellular network for communication. Bluetooth would not add any consistent connectivity. A Wi-Fi extender does not have the range to support travel. GPS will only enable you to track your laptop.

A+ 220-1001 Main Domain 1.0 – Mobile Devices
Sub-Objective: 1.1“Given a scenario, install and configure laptop hardware and components.”

Question 2

You have upgraded your laptop and find that it no longer fits the docking station you used for home to office portability. Which solution would you find most efficient?

Return laptop with one that fits the dock

Replace the docking station with a port replicator

Enable UPnP

Any of these would be efficient

Explanation: Docking stations have been largely replaced in favor of port replicators. A port replicator takes advantage of USB capabilities and does not require the laptop to be locked into the docking station. Returning the laptop would be highly inefficient and finding a new laptop with the correct fit is no simple task. UPnP could work but would require peripheral device upgrades. UPnP could also lead to a potential security risk. So the correct answer is: Replace the docking station with a port replicator.

A+ 220-1001 Main Domain 1.0 – Mobile Devices
Sub-Objective: 1.3“Given a scenario, use appropriate laptop features.”

Question 3

You are replacing a hard disk and want to get the best performance possible from a standard magnetic HDD. Which rotational speed would you choose on your new hard disk?

10,000 rpm

15,000 rpm

17,000 rpm

54,000 rpm

Explanation: 15,000 rpm is the fastest actual rotational speed from a standard magnetic HDD. 10,000 rpm is slower than 15,000 rpm and 17,000 rpm and 54,000 rpm hard disks do not exist. While SSD technology is becoming more affordable and is faster than magnetic hard disks, SSD technology is not an option in this question.

A+ 220-1001 Main Domain 3.0 – Hardware
Sub-Objective: 3.4“Given a scenario, select, install and configure storage devices.”

Question 4

You are looking at high-performance SSD storage for your new Ultrabook. Your solution should be PCIe compatible and use the non-volatile memory express controller in order to utilize the available motherboard slot. Which of these options is the best choice?

SATA 2.5


NVMe M.2

None of these meets both requirements

Answer: NVMe M.2

Explanation: NVMe M.2 meets your PCIe and non-volatile memory express controller requirements listed above in the question. M.2 offers substantially higher performance. Connecting M.2 to the PCIe bus and the NVMe (non-volatile memory express) controller will provide the highest performance the system will support.

A+ 220-1001 Main Domain 3.0 – Hardware
Sub-Objective: 3.4“Given a scenario, select, install and configure storage devices.”

Question 5

You are setting up a conference room to support 15 users who usually work on the same floor as the conference room. You have been given a wireless router to make sure everyone has a solid connection. In order to ensure the minimum disruption to their service, what service would you disable on the new router?





Explanation: Since all of the users are in the same general area, it is best to leave as much of their network configuration information unchanged as possible. As you know the router and the client use DHCP to negotiate IP address leases based on signal strength and quality. So by design, the client will negotiate with the server a few feet away over its normal configuration. This could cause problems with any statically assigned devices that the new router is not configured for. The answer is DHCP.

A+ 220-1001 Main Domain 2.0 – Networking
Sub-Objective: 2.1“Compare and contrast TCP and UDP ports, protocols, and their purposes.”

Question 6

IP addresses that are assigned to a node each time it connects to the network are called ____ IP addresses.





Explanation: A DHCP server assigns IP addresses to client computers every time they request it. The computer that participates in a network asks for its IP address at startup. This is very often used in enterprise networks to reduce the configuration effort. The correct answer is: Dynamic

A+ 220-1001 Main Domain 2.0 – Networking
Sub-Objective: 2.6“Explain common network configuration concepts.”

Question 7

The internal 802.11b/g Wireless network card on your new laptop needs to be replaced. Which type of device would you expect as a replacement part from the factory?





Explanation: The mini-PCIe slot is an internal laptop connection. It is usually accessed through a small access panel. USB and PCMCIA 802.11b/g adapters are available, but these are external devices. The correct answer is Mini-PCIe.

A+ 220-1001 Main Domain 1.0 – Mobile Devices
Sub-Objective: 1.1“Given a scenario, install and configure laptop hardware and components.”

Question 8

You are at a customer site and have been asked to configure a second monitor on a laptop computer. You go to the display properties and ____________.

Click on monitor 2 and select Extend My Desktop

Select the dual monitor tab and configure Dual monitor Mode

Select the Adapter Tab and set Dual monitor status to On

Click on Monitor 1 and drag to monitor 2

Explanation: To set up dual monitors in Windows 7 you select the Extend My Desktop check box. This allows both monitors to be treated as a single large workspace. When extended the entire display area can be utilized and you can drag active windows between them seamlessly. The other options given are not available.

A+ 220-1001 Main Domain 1.0 – Mobile Devices
Sub-Objective: 1.3“Given a scenario, use appropriate laptop features.”

Question 9

After answering a service call, you find a customer’s computer is dead. Which of the following checks would you perform first?

Check to see if the power supply is functional.

Check the CMOS battery.

Check the AC outlet voltage.

Check for excessive EMI.

Explanation: Never overlook the obvious! Perform problem determination by checking all connections first, and that includes power connections. If you find that the PC is plugged in, then your next step would be to verify the power supply as that also could cause a dead computer. Because the question asks what you would check first, the correct answer is: Check the AC outlet voltage.

A+ 220-1001 Main Domain 5.0 – Mobile Devices
Sub-Objective: 5.2“Given a scenario, use the best practice methodology to resolve problems.”

Question 10

A user cannot log into the local area network or get to the internet over the LAN. Other users in the same area are not experiencing any problems. First, you log in as the user with her username and password from your workstation and do not experience any problems. Next, you attempt to log in from the user’s workstation with either her username or yours and cannot log into the network. What is a possible cause of this problem?

Server down.

Insufficient rights to access the server.

Wrong username and password.

Bad workstation patch cables.

Explanation: A bad patch cable is the most probable cause and can be easily checked. The computer is not connecting to the network. Since no other users are having problems you would focus on the PC’s connection itself. You have established that the server is working and validated the user account.

A+ 220-1001 Main Domain 4.0 – Virtualization and Cloud Computing
Sub-Objective: 4.1“Compare and contrast cloud computing concepts.”

This completes our free A+ practice test 220-1001. The first step in preparing for the A+ 220-1001 exam is to familiarize yourself with the exam objectives. Click the link for the complete A+ 220-1001 exam objectives.

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