What is the expected difference between CompTIA Network+ N10-006 and N10-007?

What assumptions can we work with?

We expect the new Network+ N10-007 to release in March of 2018 so the question on a lot of people’s mind is how different should we expect the new Network+ N10-007 to be compared to the current N10-006? Because this is early speculation there is no hard data to fall back on but we can probably glean some guidance from History. The themes added to the exam objectives touching on networking in A+ can certainly offer some guidance. A+ is the last of the CompTIA “big three” to have seen new and updated exam objectives (December 2015) and although A+ is PC/device centric it may still be somewhat useful in terms of divining what may be added to the Network+ N10-007 exam objectives. Additionally any of the networking technologies that have risen in prominence over the last three years or so should be fair game for our (hopefully) qualified guesses.

Our (hopefully) qualified guessing

Given that Network+ is a pretty wide certification it is obvious that the Exam Objectives for Network+ N10-007 will aim at reflecting technologies used today that were not included in the objectives 3 years ago.

Here is a list of topics we expect to either see an enhanced focus on or to come in as an outright addition to the new Network+ N10-007 exam objectives:

– Technologies that support cloud and technologies
– Expansion of Virtualization
– Mobile device management
– More on monitoring tools and analysis of metrics obtained from monitoring and tracking tools
– Deepening of the understanding of network access control models
– Side loaded applications and management of the process
– As cyber security is increasingly of concern, expect network security to occupy an even larger part of the objectives

Beyond specific items we also expect CompTIA to put a greater emphasis on the practical application of knowledge. These are the sub-objectives that will start with “Given a scenario…” Today there are 21 of those sub-objectives in Network+ N10-006, expect either that number to grow or the number of topic points under those sub-objectives to grow. Basically it all comes down to the CompTIA certifications having, over the last few years, aimed at moving from measuring “knowledge” to measuring “understanding”.

Should I take the Network+ N10-006 now or wait for the new N10-007 exam?

Beyond the logic and imperative of taking the version available at the time you need to be certified, there may be other valid considerations too. One of those is that although the “latest and greatest” always has its instinctual appeal, when it comes to CompTIA certification it may not be significant as your certification is valid for three years from the date you pass the exam (no matter what happens to versioning during those three years). It doesn’t matter if you happen to take the current version a day before it is retired, you will still remain certified (and per CompTIA current) for three years no matter what. The other consideration is that we often have a healthy tendency to prefer “the devil we know”… There is predictability in committing to Network+ N10-006 that the N10-007 certification can’t offer just yet. It seems pretty certain that if you are planning on getting certified in 2017 and even into late winter/spring of 2018 you will have to pick the current N10-006 version.

When to expect the CertBlaster for CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Practice Test?

CertBlaster offers practice tests for the current Network+ N10-006. The product has in excess of 500 questions including what CompTIA refers to as the Performance Based Questions (PBQ). Below is a screenshot of an important Performance Based Question type that you will likely face at the Network+ exam. This type of question aims at putting you in a situation where, after you have been hacked, you get to see the script used by the hacker and from analyzing that script you will be asked to figure out what server is under attack, the attack type, and you will be asked to select the best defense against that attack.

example of a CertBlaster Network+ Practice Test
Screenshot of a CertBlaster Network+ Practice Test – Performance Based Question

19 thoughts on “Expected difference between CompTIA network plus n10-006 and n10-007

  1. What would be the last date that i could still take the N10-006 exam?

    1. Hi Aadil, the new Network+ N10-007 is slated for a launch in March 2018. This means that Network+ N10-006 should be retired in September of the same year as CompTIA typically allows for a minimum of 6 months overlap period.

    2. I just contacted CompTIA about this exact question. They stated n10-006 exam will still be availible until August of 2018.

      Shaundra (CompTIA)

      Apr 25, 10:11 AM CST

      Good Morning,

      I am happy to assist you with your questions regarding Network+ testing. The N10-006 exam in the English language retires 8/31/18. The new CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam is available as of March 2018. At this time, you may sit for either exam.

      1. Thanks for sharing Aadil! This also confirms what we are saying in the post, the Network+ N10-006 will be retired in September making August that last chance to take it.

  2. So if I have to take exam in Feb I have to retake the exam again with newer version in Aug or Sept?

    Please can you clear that to me

    1. Hi Diana, the good news is that you don’t! Whether you take the current Network+ N10-006 exam or the new N10-007 you will be just as Network+ certified for three years from the day you pass your exam.

  3. Hello,

    I just have a question….

    Can I take the Network+ 006 exam after March 1st, 2018 after releasing 007? Is that going to be valid for 3yrs or it will expire in September and I have to retake exam with newest version 007?

    Please Let me know

    1. Yes, you can! CompTIA always has a grace period of six months or more. So you will be able to take N10-006 until at least September this year. And, yes you will be certified and current in your credential for three years from the exam date.

      1. See the answer we just submitted plus this comment: In the grace period you have a choice of which exam version to take. Whichever you choose, you are just as certified and just for as long, no matter the version.

  4. It took me three months to understand subnetting for N10-006 which is why I am hoping the difficulty remains the same but not easier or harder.

    1. It seems you may be in luck. From everything we have seen so far, subnetting should be getting in N10-007 just about the same level of attention it has/had in N10-006. That is why we have such a large array of questions on subnetting from all different perspectives in CertBlaster:)

  5. Hello,
    Is the N10-007 training material still slated to be released in March 2018? If not, has the release been pushed back, and if so, can you tell me when?

    1. Yes, CompTIA’s Network+ N10-007 release is still slated for March, and at this late stage, there won’t be a change to that. Our CertBlaster exam simulator for Network+ N10-007 will be released at the same time at the latest. It contains a little over 500 practice questions.

  6. Hi.
    How did you guys changed the test and questions according N10-007 regarding n10-006.
    Kind regards,


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