CompTIA Security plus free practice test (Exam SY0-401)

CompTIA Security+ free practice test (Exam SY0-401)

Security+ Practice test for Exam SY0-401

This is a short sample of the level and type of questions you may face at the CompTIA Security+ SY0-401  exam. These are all mutiple choice because they are on these pages for a fully interactive exam simulations you will need exam simulation software. The CertBlaster software has all the performance based questions, the complete exam simulations and Drills that ecah focus on one CompTIA Main Domain i.e. exam objective.

Security+ Practice Test Question 1
Security+ Practice Test Question 2
Security+ Practice Test Question 3
Security+ Practice Test Question 4
Security+ Practice Test Question 5

CertBlaster exam simulator for CompTIA Security+

The CertBlaster practice tests for Security+ SY0-401 has in excess of 500 questions including what CompTIA refers to as the Performance Based Question (PBQ).  Below is one example of an important Performance Based Question type that you will face at the Security+ SY0-401 exam. This question type puts you in a situation where you are on a network and you have been hacked, you get to see the script used by the hacker and by analyzing that script you will be asked which server is under attack. You will aslo be asked by what attack type and finally you will be expected to be able to offer the best defense against that attack type. In addition to questions (and answers) CertBlaster provides a lot of feedback including a custom “Personal Testing Plan” based on your answers at the various Exams and Drills.

Below is a screenshot of one of the performance based questions available in the interactive CertBlaster for CompTIA Security+ exam SY0-401.

Performance Based Question for Security+ SY0-401 Practice Test
Example of Performance Based Question for Security+ SY0-401

3 thoughts on “CompTIA Security plus free practice test (Exam SY0-401)

  1. For the practice drill performance based question that is used as an example here what within the “output screen” clues me into the fact that this attack is on the proxy server?? the answer does not indicate.

    1. Hi Doug, It’s in the script’s top tab (the blue and white navigation bar on top of the script proper). The sequence is Proxy > Intercept and then below that the script itself.

    2. Doug, there is a little misunderstanding here. The screenshot you seing is from our performance based questions in CertBlaster (where it has a full explanation). It’s only on this page as an example of the content in CertBlaster not as part of the five free practicc tests questions above.

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