CompTIA A+ Practice Test Question 6/10 for A+ Exam-220-901

Question 6/10

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You have just upgraded a Windows workstation by adding a new SATA hard disk and an external SATA Blu-ray burner. When you restart the system, you are not able to access the new hard disk in File Explorer but the Blu-ray burner is recognized. What is the most probable solution for this failure?

A) Use Device Manager to “Scan for hardware changes”
B) Double check cable connections. Swap for new cable if possible
C) Check UEFI BIOS and ensure SATA controller is enabled
D) Check and set AHCI settings
E) Use Disk Management console to initialize and format the disk

The correct answer is at the very bottom of this page (to give you a chance to think about it first).

EXPLANATION: Chances are that the hard disk is recognized by the hardware, but not the Operating System. Remember before a hard disk can be accessed by the OS it must be initialized and formatted using the Disk Management console. Otherwise the system does not know how to treat it. Using Device Manager would be a good step if the external device was not recognized since it contains enough onboard information for accessibility. Checking the cable is always the first thing you’d do, but the question asks for the best solution. AHCI is another reasonable step but you really don’t have to look if the Blu-ray is present since its presence also validates the SATA controller.

A+ Exam Objective addressed in above question: Main Domain 1.0 Hardware. Sub-objective 1.5 “Install and configure storage devices and use appropriate media.”

The correct answer is: E) Use Disk Management console to initialize and format the disk.

A+ 220-901 Performance Based Question (PBQ)
Example of A+ 220-901 Performance Based Question (PBQ) – Custom hard drive configuration
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