CompTIA Free Network+ practice test question 5 for exam N10-006

This is a sample Network+ practice test questions for CompTIA exam# N10-006. This is the type of questions you can expect at the testing center. You would not get exactly this one but this is representative of the difficulty level and depth of knowledge reflected at the exam you will take at the exam center. Because these are simple web pages, the one thing you will not experience here are the Performance Based Questions that also are part of the exam. To test those you would need the full version of CertBlaster.


Sample question 5

You and the rest of the network team have been working all day on the upgrades for the firmware on all your Cisco switches and wireless access points. The firmware upgrades were critical security upgrades and needed to be applied all at once. What documentation do you now need to update?

  1. Baseline and configuration documentation
  2. Physical network diagrams
  3. Logical network diagrams
  4. Wiring schematics

Exam objective: 5.0 Industry standards, practices and network theory

Sub-Objective: 5.5 – Given a scenario, implement the appropriate policies or procedures. Click for the Network+ N10-006 objectives.

The correct answer(s) are listed at the very bottom of the page to give you a chance to think about it first.


The physical network diagram contains all the physical devices along with the connectivity paths of the network. This is an accurate picture of how the network physically fits in detail. Included with this detail will also be the firmware version of all switches, access points and other devices with firmware.

Full featured CertBlaster includes simlets

Our full featured CertBlaster Network+ practice tests contains five exam simulations with number of questions you will be facing for Network+ at the real exam i.e. 90 questions in each. Additionally CertBlaster includes five Focus Drills, one for each CompTIA Main Domain as defined in their Exam Objectives (first link on the page). These drills will allow you to focus your practice on the areas that require most of your attention. The way you know what those areas are is by studying the custom “Personal Testing Plan” that is produced for you after each exam simulation you go through.

Sample question 5 – Correct answer is:

2. Physical network diagrams

Network+ N10-006 OSI question
CertBlaster Network+ OSI interactive

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