CompTIA Free Network plus practice test question 3 for exam N10-006

CompTIA Free Network+ practice test question 3 for exam N10-006

This is a free practice question for Network+ exam N10-006. The idea with these sample questions is to give you an idea of the questions you can expect on the actual exam. This should give you an idea of the level of knowledge each topic requires.

NOTE: Because these are simple web pages you will not see here the full interactive and Performance Based Questions that are available in the CertBlaster software.


Sample question 3

Compare the terms listed and correctly identify which ones are penetration testing tools used to perform vulnerability scans on networks for risk management. (Choose two)

A) Nessus
C) Honeypot
D) Lures
E) Metasploit
F) Perl

Exam objective: Domain 3 Network Security

Sub-Objective: 3.1 – Compare and contrast risk related concepts. Click here if you want the full Network+ exam objectives document.

The correct answer(s) are listed at the very bottom of the page to give you a chance to think about it first.

Nessus, from Tenable Security, can perform sophisticated vulnerability scans. Nessus can identify unencrypted, sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, that are saved on your network. The program can run on your network or run on off-site servers continuously maintained and updated by the developer. Because of its comprehensive nature and its use for revealing security flaws that must be addressed, Nessus and utilities like it are known as penetration testing tools. Another popular penetration testing tool called Metasploit, combines known scanning techniques and exploits to explore potentially new mixtures of exploits. Perl, although not a penetration tool in and by itself, is a scripting language that give you the flexibility to produce penetration tools for specific files/file types quickly and easily.

Interactive and performance based questions are available in CertBlaster

Our full featured CertBlaster Network+ practice test contains five exam simulations with 90 questions in each (this is the number of questions you will be facing for Network+ at the exam center). CertBlaster also offers five Focus Drills, one for each of the five learning domains that CompTIA has defined for this exam. These Focus Drills will enable you to focus your practice on the areas you need the most work on.

Sample question 3 – Correct answers are:

A) Nessus and E) Metasploit.

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