CompTIA Free Network plus practice test question 1 exam N10-006

CompTIA Free Network+ practice test question 1

Free practice questions for Network+ exam N10-006. These questions are aimed at giving you an idea of the type of questions you can expect on the actual exam. You will get a sense of the level of knowledge each topic goes into but because these are simple web pages you will not here experience the interactive and performance based questions – those are available in the CertBlaster software.


Sample question 1

Which of the following are valid IP addresses? (Choose two)

1.) 2BA4.D987.9BAD.2AC.56DC.1011.CABD.987C


3.) 2BA4:D987:9BAD:2AC3:56DC:1011:987C


5.) O8:OE:EO:01:A6:2B

Exam objective: Domain 1.0 – Network Architecture.

Exam Sub-Objective: 1.8 Given a scenario, implement and configure the appropriate addressing schema > IPv6. Click here if you want the full exam objectives document.

The correct answer(s) are listed at the very bottom of the page to give you a chance to think about it first.

Explanation: IPv6 addresses are 128 bits long and are expressed as eight groups of hexadecimal numbers represented in hexadecimal groups, separated by colons.

Our interactive CertBlaster Network+ practice test contains 5 exam simulations of 90 questions each (just like the actual exam) and 5 Focus Drills, one for each exam main domain (exam objective) as defined in the CompTIA exam objectives document.


Sample question 1 – Correct answers are:

2.) and 4.)

Example of Network+ Performance Based Question in the CertBlaster test engine

Screenshot of a CertBlaster Network+ Practice Test Question
Screenshot of a CertBlaster Network+ Performance Based Question

9 thoughts on “CompTIA Free Network plus practice test question 1 exam N10-006

  1. How can a IPV4 address have 291 when only 255 is the highest possible value.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out Lornez, that’s a typo and should almost certainly be 219. We will have that corrected ASAP. Sorry for the confusion and again thank you for your feedback.

    2. Hi Lornez, the correction has been made and is now live on that page.

    1. Good catch Jay, you are right that was a correct IPv6 address. We just corrected it where we are back to only 2 & 4 being correct. Thanks a lot for your input!

  2. So your trying to sell practice tests when you have multiple errors on the free questions? What guarantee do we have that the purchasable practice tests will be different?

    1. Hi Jeff, we would argue that after selling a little over 1.2 million copies we are doing a little more than “trying to sell practice tests”. While the average candidate success at CompTIA exams is 75%, the success rate of CertBlaster users is 98.6% which is why we can offer our exam “first try success” money back guarantee.
      Errors occur in any content authored by humans. That is why our questions go through both a Tech Edit and an English Edit. However, it is our experience (and other publishers as well) that successive edits tend to uncover successive issues (although in diminishing quantities…) and so perfection keeps eluding us. If you have identified any errors in our free content please feel free to share.

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