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CompTIA A+ Practice Test Question 10/10 for A+ Exam-220-901

Question 10/10


You are evaluating smartphones to be supplied to key employees in your company. You have the selection narrowed down to two models. They are equivalent in all areas except one uses a stylus as opposed to simple touch. Which of the following statements are true? (Choose all that apply.)

A) The stylus based screen uses capacitive technology
B) The touch based screen uses resistive technology
C) The stylus based screen uses resistive technology
D) The touch based screen uses capacitive technology
E) Capacitive screens are preferable if you wear rubber gloves when using them
F) Resistive screens are generally faster and clearer

The correct answer is at the very bottom of this page.

EXPLANATION: The capacitive technology is used in touch based screens. They use the conductive properties of human skin to recognize input. The conductivity makes them more suitable for multi-touch operations like “pinch” object resizing. Their screen is sharper in appearance. If you frequently wear gloves you should opt for the resistive screen as the electrical input is not supplied to a capacitive screen. The resistive screen uses two thin layers separated by micro spacers. This reduces the clarity of the display to a degree as you are viewing through an additional layer. Input is recognized when pressure causes the two layers to make contact. The input pressure can be recognized by touch, but is more accurate with the stylus. They are fractionally slower because of the physical nature of the input and the multi-touch operations are more complicated. However, if you cannot make direct skin to screen contact they will appear non-responsive. Just don’t forget and use a pen as a stylus or you’ll write all over your screen. If you lose the stylus use a toothpick or even your fingernail.

A+ Exam Objective addressed in above question: Main Domain 1.0 Hardware and 4.0 Network Troubleshooting. Sub-objective 4.5 “Given a scenario, troubleshoot and repair common mobile device issues while adhering to the appropriate procedures.”

The correct answers are: C) The stylus based screen uses resistive technology, and D) The touch based screen uses capacitive technology.

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