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CompTIA A+ Practice Test Question 9/10 for A+ Exam-220-901

Question 9/10

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A recent Microsoft update is causing any machine that uses the GeForce chipset to display diagonal lines. Your company’s last major PC purchase all use this chipset. You have been on the phone dealing with the customers and walking them through the driver rollback process which takes about 10 min. This has been going on all morning. It is now approaching your lunch hour and the phone rings. What should you do?

A) Let it go to voicemail, this is your lunch hour.
B) Answer and set up a time with the user for after your lunch hour.
C) Advise the customer that everyone is having the problem and therefore call volume is such that they will be handled in order.
D) Listen to the issue as described by the user, then walk him through the process at his pace.

The correct answer is at the very bottom of this page (to give you a chance to think about it first).

EXPLANATION: For a user there is never a good time to have a computer problem. The fact that there is a problem at all is enough to get a user agitated. Your role here may include pacifying the user then help them work through the problem. Make sure they know that you care and explain as much about the process as you feel is prudent without using slang and jargon. Since it is not yet your lunch hour, handle the call even if you risk cutting a little into your lunch time. Although you have been handling several calls, nothing in the question indicates that you have a back-log and that is why neither B nor C are applicable to the situation as described.

A+ Exam Objective addressed in above question: Main Domain 5.0 Operational Procedures – Sub-objective 5.4 “Demonstrate proper communication techniques and professionalism.”

The correct answer is: D) Listen to the issue as described by the user, then walk him through the process at his pace.

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