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CompTIA A+ Practice Test Question 9/10 for A+ Exam-220-902

Question 9/10

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Indicate the most secure of the passwords provided. For this exercise choose passwords that qualify as strong passwords in terms of type and number of characters for a strong password. (Choose Two)

A) Wor<password12tD
B) W0r<P@55w0rD04Td
C) MYworkpaSswordTD
D) myworkp@sswordtd
E) MvW0rkp@Sswo4dTD
F) mYw0rkpAs5Wordtd

The correct answer is at the very bottom of this page as this will give you a chance to figure it out on your own first.

EXPLANATION: As it is the least secure one here, it may be hard to believe that “password1” is always in the list of the most used passwords. This has been consistent year after year.  Companies have taken the precaution of requiring alternate keyboard characters, numbers and a mix of capitalized and non-capitalized letters. Microsoft best practices recommends a password of 14 characters to make it resistant to brute force attack while remaining easy to remember. The way CompTIA looks at Strong Passwords is shown here: https://www.certblaster.com/strong-passwords-as-defined-by-comptia-objectives/. Of the offered alternatives, W0r<P@55w0rD04 and MvW0rkp@Sswo4d are the most secure because they include all the required characters: Capital and lower case letters, numbers and special characters and they satisfy the minimum number of digits. If security is a concern, then never use the word “password” (with a number attached or not) nor any other word available in the dictionary. Fun fact: At 28% the password breach is the largest single security concern in IT.

A+ Exam Objective addressed by above question: Main Domain 3.0 Security – Sub-objective 3.2 “Compare and contrast common prevention methods.”

The correct answers are: B) W0r<P@55w0rD04Td and E) MvW0rkp@Sswo4dTD

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