ExamNotes for CompTIA A plus Main Domain 1.0 Hardware

ExamNotes for CompTIA A+ Main Domain 1.0 Hardware

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1.1 Given a scenario, configure settings and use BIOS/UEFI tools on a PC. BIOS & UEFI
1.2 Explain the importance of motherboard components, their purpose, and properties. Motherboard Components
1.3 Compare and contrast various RAM types and their features. Know Your RAM
1.4 Install and configure PC expansion cards. PC Expansion Cards
1.5 Install and configure storage devices and use appropriate media. Storage devices and media
1.6 Install various types of CPUs and apply the appropriate cooling methods. Processor Selection and Protection
1.7 Compare and contrast various PC connection interfaces, their characteristics and purpose. PC Connection Interfaces
1.8 Install a power supply based on given specifications. Power Supply
1.9 Given a scenario, select the appropriate components for a custom PC configuration, to meet customer specifications or needs. Custom PC Configuration TextVideo
1.10 Compare and contrast types of display devices and their features. Display Devices
1.11 Identify common PC connector types and associated cables. PC Connector Types: Part IPart II
1.12 Install and configure common peripheral devices. Common Peripheral Devices
1.13 Install SOHO multifunction device / printers and configure appropriate settings. SOHO Devices & Printers
1.14 Compare and contrast differences between the various print technologies and the associated imaging process. Print Technologies
1.15 Given a scenario, perform appropriate printer maintenance. Printer Maintenance

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A+ 220-901 PBQ Motherboard
A+ 220-901 Performance Based Question (PBQ) – Custom workstation assembly.
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