CompTIA A+ Certification Learning Resources

CompTIA A plus Certification 220-901 & 220-902

This page contains our CompTIA A plus Certification learning resources focused exclusively on the CompTIA A+ exams. We include a wide array of resources including at the bottom of the screen (scroll down) our CertBlaster Notes. These are short and very focused (one per exam sub-objective) presentations that go to the heart of the A+ exam preparation.

He passed the A+ exams and is sharing the experience

> Passing the A+ 220-901 Hardware – Part 1 – Part 2Part 3
> Passing the A+ 220-902 Software – Part 1 – Part 2Part 3

A+ Exam Notes for Exam 220-901 – Our Free Study Guide for A+

These are short notes: One each per A+ Exam Sub-Objective. They are now fully developed so and every objective and sub-objective is covered.

Click below to go to the exam notes for the respective  A+ exam 220-901 Main Domains:

A+ 220-901 Main Domain 1.0 Hardware
A+ 220-901 Main Domain 2.0 Networking
A+ 220-901 Main Domain 3.0 Mobile Devices
A+ 220-901 Main Domain 4.0 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

These exam notes are best used in conjunction with the CertBlaster generated “Personal Testing Plans” (PTP). The PTP is generated by CertBlaster once you complete a test. It guides you as to the areas you need to focus extra on. These areas are defined, in the PTP, per each A+ exam sub-objective and so are these notes.

Free practice test questions for A+ 220-901 & 902

Videos of the CertBlaster interactive test simulator

> Video of Interactive Test Simulator for A+ 220-901 & 220-902
> Video of Interactive Test Simulator for Network+ N10-006
> Video of Interactive Test Simulator for Security+ SY0-401


A+ 220-901 Performance Based Question (PBQ)
A+ 220-901 Performance Based Question (PBQ) – Custom hard drive configuration
Trust Guard Security Scanned
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