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Our Certification Learning Resources page is dedicated to offering you mostly free learning resources. This includes practice tests for various exams. We may also offer recommendations and advice on resources sold online. These recommendations would be completely impartial as we do not promote and do not enter into any commission deals on this site. We refrain from that so that we remain independent and impartial when offering advice. Mostly our recommendations are centered on the following certification tracks: A+ Certification Exams 220-801 & 220-802 (retires on June 30, 2016) and A+ Exams 220-901 & 220-902; Network+ Certification Exam N10-006; Security+ Certification Exam SY0-401; MCSA Server Infrastructure for Windows Server 2012 (Eams 70-410; 70-411; 70-412).

Over time we will add more certification tracks as we find uniquely meaningful content. However, whatever we add, one focus will not change and that’s that whatever we recommend will be 100% focused on helping you prepare for IT Certification.

CompTIA Performance Based Questions – PBQs

View narrated explanations and analysis of sample exam questions. Here are examples of Performance Based Questions for the CompTIA “big three”:

A+ Exam 220-901 Narrated & Explained Performance Based Question – Video
A+ Exam 220-902 Narrated & Explained Performance Based Question – Video
Network+ N10-006 Narrated & Explained Performance Based Question – Video
Security+ SY0-401 Narrated & Explained Performance Based Question – Video

More sample questions are available on our YouTube Channel.

Exam Objectives: here is a link to downloadable exam objectives for the main CompTIA and some Microsoft server certifications. These are one-click (no email required) downloadable PDF files.

Free practice test questions

NOTE: These are not in the CertBlaster software so they are all exclusively text based MCQ

Practice for CompTIA exams:

Practice test questions for A+ 220-901 & 902
Practice test questions for Network+ N10-006
Practice test questions for Security+ SY0-401
Practice test questions for Linux+ LX0-103 & LX0-104

Practice for Microsoft exams:

Practice test questions for MCSA – Exam 70-410
Practice test questions for MCSA – Exam 70-411
Practice test questions for MCSA – Exam 70-412
Practice test questions for MCTS – Exam 70-680

Content relevant to passing the exams

The 10 COMMANDMENTS of IT CERT PREP! People tell us this helped them succeed at the exam.


> RAID resources in Security+
> Subnetting for Network+ & Security+
> Strong Passwords on CompTIA Exams
> DHCP on CompTIA Exams
> Network+, Virtualization, the Cloud and Risk Management
> Network+ Exam Objective Review: The 802 Standards
> Network+ & Security+ Exam Objectives: Common Hacker Attacks (applies also in part to the new A+ objectives: 220-902 – 3.0 Security)

CompTIA A+ 800 to A+ 900 Series transition

This document contains exclusively the objectives NEW to A+ 220-901
This document contains exclusively the objectives NEW to A+ 220-902

CompTIA Exam Specification Documents

A+ 220-901 Exam Specifications
A+ 220-902 Exam Specifications
Network+ N10-006 Exam Specifications
Security+ SY0-401 Exam Specifications


Come back and visit us often as this is a new page and we are constantly adding more certification study resources.

Certification Learning Resources


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