New CompTIA Security+ 2017 SY0-501

When should we expect the new Security+ SY0-501?

This may be a bit early to speculate about the new CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 exam but here goes anyways!

The current Security+ exam SY0-401 was released in May of 2014. CompTIA being on a three year renewal schedule for all its major certifications (and Security+ absolutely falls in that category), it is to be expected that 2017 is the year for the next exam update. The Security+ SY0-301 was retired on December 31, 2014 and so CompTIA was offering its traditional six month grace period where it allowed users to choose between SY0-301 and SY0-401. We should expect Security+ SY0-501 sometime in the summer/fall of 2017. Update from CompTIA since we first wrote this post, release will be in October.

Did you know CompTIA is certified too?

The reason the release won’t be delayed is that just as CompTIA has you getting certified and controls the Security+ certification process (among others), CompTIA itself is also under the thumb of a certification requirement. You may not know this but years ago CompTIA applied for and got approved for the International Standards Organization – ISO 9001 quality certification. It’s great to know that the people that controls your certification process is itself certified! Especially quality certified. The ISO 9001 verifies that CompTIA has in place the processes and procedures that certifies they produce the highest quality certifications.

Why should CompTIA being certified matter to you?

Well, two reasons: 1) as mentioned above its great in general for the credibility and quality of your certification, but also 2) it puts an outer time limit as to when we can expect a new exam version to come out. You see, part of CompTIA retaining (as in not losing…) their ISO 9001 certification status is to apply the three year limit on any version of their certification exams. So there you have it, anything later than November 2017 for the new Security+ SY0-501 exam version is therefore very unlikely.

When to expect the CertBlaster Security+ Practice test for SY0-501

The last CompTIA new exam version release was the A+ 220-901 and 220-902 and that CertBlaster practice test suite came out on December 15th, 2015 (we were the first provider to offer it, not gloating over here but we beat every other vendor to market on that one). We plan on doing the same for the Security+ practice test suite for SY0-501. So that means we should release that CertBlaster on or about May 2017.

In the meantime if you are looking for Security+ practice tests just click on the button below. You may wonder if it’s smart to take Security+ SY0-401 when it will come to an end so soon? Well, you are not wasting anything because when the new version comes out and the SY0-401 is retired it does not make the SY0-401 invalid. Whatever CompTIA exam you take, it will validly certify you for three years from your exam date, and this regardless of when the exam is retired. To read about our speculation on the content of Security+ SY0-501 click here.

Important Note

Your CompTIA certification is valid for three years from exam date. No matter what. This means that even if you were to pass the current Security+ SY0-401 in the summer of 2017 that credential is valid till 2020 even if the new SY0-501 is released by the end of 2017.


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Performance Based Question Security+ SY0-401 Practice Test
Example of Performance Based Question in CertBlaster Security+ Practice Test

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