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A+ OS (2003)
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Module 1 - Basic Concepts
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Module 3 - Word Processing
Module 4 - Spreadsheets
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MCSE Exam 70-210
MCSE Exam 70-215
MCSE Exam 70-216
MCSE Exam 70-217
MCSE Exam 70-222
MCSE Exam 70-240
MCSE Exam 70-270
MCSE Exam 70-290
MCSE Exam 70-291
MCSE Exam 70-293
MCSE Exam 70-294
MCSE Exam 70-297
MCSE Exam 70-298
Microsoft Office 2002 Suite
Word 2002 Core
Word 2002 Expert
Excel 2002 Core
Excel 2002 Expert
Access 2002
PowerPoint 2002
Outlook 2002
Microsoft Office 2003 Suite
Word 2003 Specialist
Word 2003 Expert
Excel 2003 Specialist
Excel 2003 Expert
Access 2003 Specialist
PowerPoint 2003 Specialist
Outlook 2003 Specialist

>> Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I download and install ExamConnection?
  2. Do I need an active internet connection in order to use ExamConnection or CertBlaster?
  3. I keep getting an "Unable to detect internet connection."  message in the Registration Wizard. I have an active connection. How do I use my voucher?
  4. How do I use a voucher to register my exam?

  5. How do I set up and use ExamConnection Proctor Server?
  6. I am getting an "Unable to complete task, Switch to...." message on some of the MOUS exam questions that require "Print to File".
  7. I am getting an "Unable to detect internet connection."  message in the Registration Wizard. I do have an active connection. How can I use my voucher?
  8. My exams have been working correctly for a while now, but today they are prompting me to purchase them again. The Purchase Wizard tells me that my voucher has already been used and will not work again. What happened?
  9. The Results tab in the Proctor Server tool appears to be missing 1 or more of the students. What's happening?
  10. Submit an Incident Report

Do I need an active Internet connection...

Everything needed to use both ExamConnection and RouterConnection is fully installed on your local machine. An Internet connection is only required in order to register the software using a voucher.

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I am getting an "Unable to complete task, Switch to...

This sometimes occurs when Windows is unable to resolve a path to a default installed printer. You might for example, normally connect to a network printer and not be currently connected to the network. The fix for this is to add the Generic/Text Only printer drivers to your machine and choose that as the printer to use in the Print dialog window.

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I am getting an "Unable to detect internet connection." message ... ?

This is likely caused by a local network or personal firewall security setting preventing you from connecting to our secure server. If you cannot modify the firewall settings and allow the connection we can manually register the software for you.
For ExamConnection, open each exam requiring registration and click Help/Manual Registration on the drop-down menu. In RouterConnection use the the Help--Support menu selction.
You should see the Manual Registration Wizard. EMail the serial number (in the red text field) along with the original voucher number to support@dtipublishing.com. You will recieve a manual registration code as a replacement for the voucher.
NOTE. Manual registration codes can be exchanged for valid unused vouchers only.

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My exams have been working correctly but are now prompting me to purchase again...?

There are different reasons why this might occur. Open the exam and click Help/Manual Registration. You should see the Registration Wizard. The status message displayed by this wizard can often provide some insight as to what happened.
Invalid Trial: The section of your registry where the authorizations are stored has been corrupted. Contact support@dtipublishing.com for assistance.

Date Set Back: Your system clock settings have been set back to a date earlier than the last sucessfully ran date as saved by ExamConnection. Restore the system clock back to its original setting and the software should then function normally.

...results missing 1 or more client machines ... ?

Proctor Server identifies each client by it's "unique" network name. If there are duplicate names then the results information will actually be getting overwritten and will appear to be missing. Check each client machine and make sure each one has a unique network identifier.

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>> Download CertBlaster® software, executable files. Until the exam is registered either manually or with a voucher you will only have access to the first 10 questions of Exam 1. Purchase information may be obtained by contacting sales@dtipublishing.com (most files are about 4 MB):


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